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7 Habits to Start Your Morning When Intentionally Manifesting

Are you wondering what a morning routine has to do with manifesting

  • A relationship with your sp / soulmate / the love of your life?

  • Your dream job and salary?

  • A soul-aligned client?

  • That perfect new home?

  • Achieving your body goals?

Manifesting your dreams / desires is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Manifestation happens through the consistent repetition of thoughts / affirmations, beliefs, and even the daily habits we create in order to “keep ourselves on track”.

7 Habits to Start Your Morning... When Intentionally Manifesting Life! Manifestation happens through the consistent repetition of thoughts / affirmations, beliefs, and even the daily habits we create in order to “keep ourselves on track”.

How you start your morning sets the tone for your entire day!

  • Are you waking up dreading the day?

  • Are you snoozing the alarm several times?

  • Are you immediately thinking thoughts like: I just don’t want to get up or I’m not ready for the day?

  • Are you telling yourself the moment you wake up that you’re so tired?

  • Are you immediately getting on your phone / on social media to scroll or even “stalk your sp”?

I get it, I’ve been there!

Honestly I still sometimes experience mornings like this… especially when I have allowed myself to skip a day of journaling, or I get out of my routine.

But sure enough, when I am intentional and consistent with my morning routine…

  • I feel better throughout my day.

  • I am better able to stick with my mental diet.

  • I start my day reminding myself who I am / what I am embodying.

  • I feel more confident in myself and my abilities.

  • My desires manifest WAY faster!

Years ago, when I learned about the law of attraction, intentional manifestation, how your thoughts create what you experience, and my ability to reprogram the deeply rooted subconscious beliefs I had instilled in me throughout my life…

I was determined to do whatever it took to test this out, to change my thinking, psssh to CHANGE MY LIFE!

I was ready for something different.

So I started with these morning habits and made them

non-negotiables for myself:

1. Set Your Alarm!

Yes, even on the weekends!

You want to start your morning early enough that you have plenty of time to do these things. For me… I love the early mornings when the sun is just starting to peak out over the tops of the trees. It’s so quiet. There’s a sense of calm within my house and the neighborhood. There are no distractions. Which means I can tune into myself and my own energy a whole lot easier. Yes there are times I might push this wake up time a little later if I am choosing to “sleep in” a little bit with my guy or something. But remember this is your “YOU’ time!

2. Get Up With Your First Alarm!

This is so important because if you snooze your alarm and go back to sleep for 7-15 minutes, you’re actually going to wake up even more tired than before. Did you know… your body goes through sleep cycles so if you only go back to sleep for 7-15 minutes you’re not completing that cycle. So you’re actually making yourself feel MORE tired and groggy when that alarm goes off again. So Just Get Up! Trust me! That 7-15 minutes or even 30 minutes is NOT going to make you feel any better.

3. Start Repeating Your Affirmations!

From the moment that your alarm clock goes off, start repeating those affirmations. When you first wake up, your brain is still in theta state which means it’s in that sleepy state, your subconscious mind is actually more open to these new affirmations. This is the perfect zone for reprogramming your subconscious beliefs / assumptions. So start affirming immediately: > Today is a great day! > I am excited for all of the new possibilities / opportunities today will bring. > I am grateful for the amazing things that will happen today. > Today I see movement all around me that my desires are manifesting. > Today I am living in my desired reality.

Start telling your subconscious what to look for and manifest into your life that day.

Whatever you repeat over and over will harden into fact (a belief / assumption) and manifest into your physical reality! Whether it’s positive or negative.

4. Make Your Bed!

The moment you shut off your alarm and get out of bed… make your bed. This helps because you’re telling yourself that it’s time to get your day started, your bed is made so no climbing back into it, and you’ve already completed something for the day. Besides it feels so much better to climb into a made bed at the end of your day lol.

5. Grab a Bottle of Water!

I know this IS about manifesting what you want, so why am I telling you to drink water first thing in the morning? Well, because you are reprogramming your mind, your brain is working a lot harder right now so it needs extra hydration. If you’re dehydrated it WILL affect your mindset / mental diet.

It will make it more difficult for you to persist. Your body needs water. Your brain needs water. So start your morning with a bottle of water. Trust me you’ll thank me later lol.

6. Now Grab Your Journal & Get Comfy!

Here’s where some of the magic happens with your morning routine. You’re going to allow yourself to just free-write. Either set a timer for 20 minutes or plan to fill 3 pages in your journal. During my morning journaling time I write about whatever comes to mind. Write.

Don't self-edit or worry about your handwriting or a misspelled word or incomplete sentences. JUST WRITE!

Honestly, at first the journaling is just surface thoughts like… I don’t know what to write. I want to go back to bed. How is this going to help me manifest what I want? Yada Yada Yada. As you allow yourself to write those surface thoughts you will eventually get past them and into the deeper thoughts. It’s often where you will discover those magical aha moments / those realizations. Sometimes I will get into a writing flow and script about the way my day is going to go. How I intend / want it to go.

I write about myself and what qualities I am embodying today.

I write a scene (scripting) about what I am manifesting with my sp, with my business, or anything else.

This is your time to process those thoughts swirling around in your mind, dream, write about what you truly want, how you want to show up in your world, what you want to feel and experience in your day... in your life.

Pen to paper triggers the brain differently, it opens you up to possibilities, and allows you to go deeper within yourself while also gaining clarity. It’s the best way to get your mindset right before starting your day. Give it a chance! 8 out of 10 of my clients actually hate it or struggle with it at first, but when they do it consistently, they find it to be powerful!

7. Choose Your Top 3 Intentions / Priorities for the Day!

Yes, you may be manifesting your sp or money or a job or clients or whatever… But, IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! What are you doing for you and your life today? For example: 1. Take time to color my hair - by doing this, it will definitely raise my vibe and make me feel better about myself. Which will also help me to show up more confident and embody the version of myself that is already living my dream life. 2. Observe my thoughts / mental diet - this one will sometimes be high on the list if you continually find yourself trying to redirect your thoughts. Spend some time just observing what thoughts are coming up for you. More on this later. These top 3 priorities help you to have a focus for the day besides just thinking about what you are wanting / what you are manifesting / the current 3d circumstances. Besides, when you make you a priority, so does your sp, so do your soul-aligned clients, so does that employer at your dream job, and so on.

It all starts with YOU!

Everything you experience in life is a reflection of the repetition, consistency, and persistence in the habits / patterns you create. Whether that’s in what you are doing or what you are thinking / telling yourself over and over again.

Remember that the thoughts you tell yourself over and over become beliefs… those beliefs become what you experience in your day / reality!

Go into your day KNOWING it is a great day!

Go into your day KNOWING that you are already living in your reality!

Go into your day KNOWING that there is always movement, even when you aren’t seeing it yet!

Go into your day KNOWING & EXPECTING great things to happen!

7 Habits to Start Your Morning... When Intentionally Manifesting Life! Manifestation happens through the consistent repetition of thoughts / affirmations, beliefs, and even the daily habits we create in order to “keep ourselves on track”.

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