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Hello, I'm Shannon Inez!


About: Headliner

A little piece of my story...

Back in 2015 (six years ago) I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Had never smoked a day in my life. At that time doctors had given me about 9 to 12 months to live. Life took an unexpected turn… though I wasn’t a stranger to these unexpected turns. I have so much gratitude in my heart because here I am 6 years later... Yes... HERE I AM!! I tried to approach this diagnosis with a positive mindset and I did pretty well most of the time.

However, that was not where this journey for me began. In 2016. I hit rock bottom in life.

My health was not good. I had gotten so weak, I even had to use a cane to walk. Now at that time I was only 43 years old. SO that’s really not good. Depression had taken over. My relationships were in constant ups and downs. I was in a very bad place mentally, physically, and spiritually. I hated what my life had become and I felt very disconnected… alone!

In 2017, I had decided to write my first book “Pieces of Me” which was a memoir. The purpose of the book was to share bits & pieces of my life with others, while raising money for a special treatment. But in the writing & editing process, I discovered it did so much more for ME!


It showed me the patterns I had been repeating in my life, it showed me the limiting beliefs I had held onto for so long… These were all keeping me stuck in a vicious cycle of negativity and self-sabotaging behaviors. These were the things I used... to... so called protect myself. But really they were the things that were keeping me stuck.

I knew I needed things in my life to change… I longed for true, genuine happiness. I wanted to enjoy not just the big moments in my life but also the small things… 


I knew that the only one that could change my life and make it better…  was ME!!!

  • It was up to ME to do the work.

  • It was up to ME to change.

  • It was up to ME to find that happiness that I longed for.

So began my journey.  The journey to change the habits I had. Release the old patterns… the old story. And make room for the new. The starting point was to shift my MINDSET!


Since then I have healed on so many levels… emotionally, mentally, physically (I have been without a cane for over 3 years now and I walk / sometimes jog regularly). I have grown as a person. I have learned to love and accept myself. I have released old limiting beliefs & patterns of behavior… and now when things try to creep in... I am better prepared to handle them.


I have transformed my life… my perspective… my MINDSET!

I experience genuine happiness in life that radiates from deep within ME…

But all of this is what led me to become certified as a life & mindset coach. I know the journey. I have been in the darkest of dark places with negativity. So I am truly passionate about helping others shift their mindset. Release those limiting beliefs. Believe in themselves. Love & accept themselves.. COMPLETELY! Seek happiness from within… not from things outside of themselves. These changes start from within.. They start with your mindset!

I am looking forward to coming alongside you on your journey. Inspiring. Guiding. Motivating. Encouraging. Supporting. And even keeping you accountable!

Here's to a magical coaching relationship,


About: About

Who I Help

YOU! I help those who are stuck in the old story, viscous cycles, thought patterns, and mistaken beliefs that are keeping them from experiencing what they want most in life. 

How I Do It

Guiding you to rewrite your story, create habits that support the changes you want to make, while also teaching you techniques that allow you to reclaim your power... and manifesting any / every thing you desire in life.

What's in It for You

You learn a framework / a lifestyle that empowers you to focus on and get whatever it is that you want in life. You can use this for manifesting ANYthing!

About: Services

What’s in MY Toolbox?

Last year we took a trip to a junkyard, we were looking for a few parts for an old pickup truck and it was quite the adventure. One important thing I learned from this day was: to make sure you have the right tools for the job you're wanting to do.

Whether that's to work on / take parts off of an old truck OR to make positive changes in your life.

Yes, sometimes you can get the job done with limited tools. It might take a little longer, be more challenging, have a few frustrations...but with enough determination you CAN do it!

But imagine how much better it can / would be to have the right tools, be prepared, and to accomplish what you set out to do easier & quicker than doing it alone or without the right tools.

So what's in my coaching toolbox?

In addition to my own life experience & journey, here are some of the “tools” / training I have:

  • NLP / REBT Practitioner for deeper subconscious change, releasing limiting beliefs, and reprogramming your mind

  • Certified Mindset Coach

  • Manifestation Coach certification

  • Reiki Master certified

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