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Are you ready to rewrite your story & start creating a life of your dreams?

What is it that you want most?

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You CAN have whatever you want in life!

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Mindset & Manifestation Coach
I help you to rewrite the story you keep telling about yourself & your life, create daily habits, a mindset, and beliefs that take you from where you are to where you want to be in life.

No matter where you are on your journey right now, I am here to help you break through all of your mistaken / limiting beliefs, negative self talk, feelings of unworthiness, as well as putting an end to your self-sabotaging behaviors and the deeply rooted fears and doubts that’s keeping you from getting everything you desire in life.

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Shannon Inez
mindset & manifestation coach

Even though I am intentionally manifesting my life and experiencing a happier, more fulfilling life now... it wasn't always like that.

It was only about 5 years ago that I was hitting my rock bottom, stuck in the old story, and a negative spiral. I believed that my negative circumstances / experiences were out of my control. 

In my quest to take control & change what was happening in my life, I discovered law of attraction. I have always believed in the power of my mind and being positive, but I didn't know how to apply it to every area of my life.

It seems pretty simple, doesn't it? But it wasn't always easy. Learning that my thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions create everything I experience in my reality was both empowering and overwhelming.

After making the decision and committing to being intentional about my thoughts, mental diet, growth.... I am experiencing the most amazing chapters of my life.

My mindset changed. My happiness increased. My life changed!

I am a coach who has not only studied & learned how to intentionally manifest life.... create my reality... BUT,

I have successfully applied what I teach to my own life and am experiencing the happiness, love of my SP, success in business, and so much more!

I'm excited to help guide you on your journey to intentionally manifest everything your heart desires!

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The Quickest Way to Achieve the Life of Your Dreams!

Choose an area that you feel you would like the most help in achieving your highest potential & dreams.

Intentionally Manifest Your Dreams... Your Life!

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Learn how to create your reality, manifestation & mindset work, and learn how you can attract your desires.

Heal and Love


Learn how to heal yourself through self love, inner child healing, shadow work, natural healing methods, and an aligned self-concept.

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Looking to Collab?

If you are looking for an expert within the field of manifestation and mindset, I'm your girl!

Needing a speaker for your next virtual or live event? Host for an online retreat or workshop? Guest for your podcast? Instagram collaboration? Be sure to fill out the contact form, linked below, to see how I can help you!

Self-concept / Mindset Coaching Client Messages

Shannon, thank you! You are always there to listen without judgement. Of course then you help guide me to discover what I need to let go of, learn, and change, even when I don't want to admit it. HAHA. You have a way of making me feel like I can do anything. I am blessed to have found you & been able to keep working with you.

Shannon is an amazing coach with fantastic energy. She has been great & helped me thru a lot of challenges. I have been able to let go of a lot of old ways of thinking that have kept me stuck in unhappiness. I am a better wife, mom, & person. I am so much happier. I recommend anyone wanting to make some changes to work with thisbeautiful soul <3 

WOW! The progress I have made in the last 3 months is really amazing. Two years ago, things I've been facing right now would have sent me over the edge into days or weeks of obsessing over it, self hatred, hurt, and so much negativity. But because of the tools you've taught me I am better able to get thru these lows.

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